Why Guelph Night Market Rules by Hayley Kellett (2016)

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Night Market

Guelph Night Market

Oh boy.
Where do I begin with how incredible amazing the Guelph Night Market is? If you haven’t been yet, I insist you get out there. I strongly insist. In fact, I’ll be your date! Any reason to attend an event swarming with passionate artists, entrepreneurs, fast friends and probably the best tasting bread I’ve ever eaten (thank you Bread Bandit!). Not to mention the sensory overload that comes with the price of admission. I’m getting ahead of myself. I literally just sighed out load thinking about all the amazing things I got to swoon over last time.

Let me back track.
I’m new to Guelph. I moved here in July 2016 knowing a handful of people and nothing about the city (outside of an adorable scavenger hunt my partner organized for me). To sum up, I could find coffee, food and vintage dresses, but I didn’t have a good feel for the city yet. Then one magical evening, I went to The Night Market with my friend Sarah. We walked in and immediately were surrounded by, well, Guelph! I couldn’t walk more than a metre without bumping into someone I recognized who then dragged me (read: happily skipped with me) to their favourite booth. I met vendors who were passionate about their product. People like the Ryan, known to many as the Bread Bandit. (Seriously, not that you need more reasons to eat bread, but do yourself a favour and find Ryan.) I lost track of time pursuing the market with a glass of red wine. If there is a better way to shop, I’m all ears! By the end of the night I had an air plant, a badass bracelet by Goldeen, and the best conversation starter a girl could ask for from Sadderdaze. I could have bought so much more. I could spend my life savings at these events.

What’s for sale is only a small factor as to why The Night Market rules. It’s not just a marketplace. My first visit, I didn’t just leave with amazing purchases, I left feeling like part of the community. Theresa and Emily (organizers) have done an outstanding job bringing Guelph into one room and fostering the talent this city has to offer. They said it best on their website “Guelph has a strong network of small businesses and young entrepreneurs; supporting them is what will make our community flourish.” The Night Market is bottom line about community. Bringing people together and celebrating the things we love. What could be more Guelph than that?

If you support this community, come out to The Night Market! Feel the infectious sense of pride that comes with roaming the floor and speaking with the vendors. There is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for records, silk-screen totes, handcrafted jewellery, vintage over-alls, organic fair trade tattoo soap, antiques, zines, prints, poems or anything else you can dream up. Don’t just take your purchases; take home a little piece of Guelph.

Hayley Kellett is the Education Director at The Making-Box, Guelph’s hub for live comedy and education through improvisation. Check her out live at Kazoo Tour Stories on Sat. April 9th! Want to try improv? Come to a Drop-In Class! They happen on the second Saturday of every month from 12:00pm – 1:30pm at 40 Baker Street.


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