Kazoo! Fest: Day 4

Well, looks like we made it. We’re older than when the fest started, we’re more tired than when the festival started and, hopefully, all a little bit more fulfilled.

Time to wind down. 

Come join us at the Pancake Breakfast over at the Fixed Gear Canteen this morning, which opens at 10:00am. Pseudo Band will win hearts when they take to the stage at 10:30am, after which Claire Maeve will warm you with her sweet sounds. Foods are set to wrap things up right and send you off, full of good tunes and foods (pancakes, specifically).

It’s been a fun run.

Thanks to anyone who has been a part of the ride – played a show, went to a show, bought a record from a band, volunteered, been kind, sponsored or partnered on a show, put up a poster, lugged an amp, said a nice thing, helped us grow and basically made it all feel worthwhile. We are blessed to have been able to do this for so long. That takes community and we are grateful. We hope that Kazoo! has been able to leave you with a few lasting good vibes along the way.

Ok, let’s eat.


Check out the full schedule for Sunday at Kazoo! Fest 2022.

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