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Kazoo! Fest: Day 4

Well, looks like we made it. We’re older than when the fest started, we’re more tired than when the festival started and, hopefully, all a little bit more fulfilled. Time to wind down.  Come join us at the Pancake Breakfast over at the Fixed Gear Canteen this morning, which opens at 10:00am. Pseudo Band will […]

Why Claire Maeve Rules – By Kelly McMichael

Claire Maeve started off in DIY, genre-defying bands in Guelph as an in-demand side player, secretly developing the songcraft of a wise master and evolving into a band leader in Toronto. Her songs are unique, with unexpected turns that remain beautifully soothing. They hold parts of your feelings that you didn’t know were there, or […]

Kazoo! Fest 2022: Day 3

Welcome to the final Kazoo! Fest Saturday. We hope you’ve saved some energy from last night! The classic Kazoo! Print Expo returns to Guelph from 10:00am to 3:00pm at Royal City Mission. Comics, zines, posters, books, art prints, & more – you know the drill. Over in the backyard at 458 Woolwich St., Guelph’s Ian […]

Kazoo! Fest 2022: Day 2

OK, Day two. Let’s go! Kazoo! Night 2 opens at Royal City Mission with a hero of ours, André Ethier. With incredible, thoughtful and gentle songs, we can’t think of a better way to set the tone for Friday night. Next is amiskwaciy (Edmonton)-based Matthew Cardinal whose set will be a highlight. Matthew, also a […]

Kazoo! Fest 2022: Day 1

The first day of the last Kazoo! Fest is (finally) here! Normally we would scatter festival highlights throughout the festival, but our Thursday night alone might just have enough highlights for the next 15 years. Take Shn Shn, for example. Her unique blend of spacious, atmospheric ambient electronic pop is the perfect festival kick-off at […]

Kazoo! Brew is Back!

Brewed by our pals at Wellington Brewery this festive IPA is juicy and well-rounded with vibrant citrus notes and a balanced bitterness. It also features the amazing festival artwork created by Nathan Campagnaro. Grab a can at select venues during the festival or directly Wellington Brewery both in-store and online while supplies last!

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