LAPS are an energetic math-pop group. From Montreal and formerly Fredericton, LAPS live near rivers, and this shows in their songs, running in fluid motion, reflecting over rapids. With sets full [...]


Ian Bain

Guelph musician Ian Bain of Nicolette & the Nobodies and Softside returns with new music and a new band. Ian spent the summer of 2019 working on a farm in Golden B.C. and cooking up a batch [...]


Nick Zubeck

Far from your average folk singer and guitarist, Toronto born, Guelph residing Nick Zubeck incorporates post-jazz pop sounds and elements of art rock into his eclectic style of songwriting. Heavy [...]



VERSA creates cascading, abstract projections and video collage. Generated using both analog & digital hardware and techniques, they drench performers and architecture alike with layers of [...]

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