Why Elaquent Rules by Skweeezy C (2016)

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Once upon a grind Noah23, Madadam & myself swooped through L.A. to play a Low End Theory show on the Based Legends of The North expedition. Noah made a casual inquiry with Daddy Kev about whether he’s ever thought about booking Elaquent. He replied “not only have I thought about it but I’ve been wanting to for ages already that dude rules”. To be at this legendary and groundbreaking hip hop night to play even a single song with two of my best buds was wild enough, but 2 have the guy who started it all be so hype on another artist from Guelph was v exciting my dudes & dudettes.

Elaquent has put this little city on the map in the beat scene all on his lonely. This is a place where redundant indie rockers often rule the roost. Each new project Elaquent releases is more than a breath of fresh air, it’s a mah fuckin’ arctic gale force wind. Here’s a little list 4 you boogers regarding Elaquent and his ultra rad status:

1. Super down 2 earth and low ego factor

2. High levels of innovation and creativity

3. One of the greatest producers in the whole country

4. Favourite super hero is Batman

5. Drew inspiration from early Sega video game soundtracks

6. One of the nicest ppl you could ever possibly meet in yr life

7. On top of prolific album output has made tonnes of gr8 remixes in a variety of styles

8. Very supportive of his local arts community

9. Carved his own lane in a super competitive scene where it is hard to stand out

10.  a) Biggest Seattle Seahawks fan in Wellington County (not that his team of choice matters I just respect someone who likes teams for their own reasons and doesn’t bandwagon)
b) Rocks a New York Mets jersey from time 2 time

This is a short list & could be wayyyyyyy longer. I’m super duper picky these days and I pick Eq as one of the most “can’t miss” shows of the festival this year. More accurately one of the most “can’t miss” shows of the whole year.

If you miss this one I feel bad 4 u son.

Skweeezy C is the leader of the Sensi Boyz and a local DJ/Rapper/Radio Host. Skweeezy is excited to release his next long awaited tape, Royal City OG, at Incline Decline in July this summer. Catch him DJ’ing with Elaquent Friday.

elaquent.com // elaquent.bandcamp.com

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