Obuxum on Kazoo! Fest Podcast

 In Kazoo Fest! 2019, Podcast 2019
2019 Episode #2: Obuxum

The Rock Doctor returns with his radio broski Leonard Skwozen for a special Kazoo! Fest edition of their CFRU 93.3 FM radio show Underground Rock and Roll Armageddon. This episode features an interview with the Toronto producer Obuxum. R-dawg is barely able to hold it together due to excitement from talking with Obuxum which is exactly how you should feel about her upcoming set at Kazoo! Fest. Songs on this episode include…

Hieroglyphic Being – Je Suis Musique
Kitzl – Armadilla
Edna King – Wake Me Up
Yves Jarvis – To Say That Is Easy
Obuxum – HE(R)STORY
Obuxum – The 6ix Godess
Obuxum – Dunkin’ Vibrations
TRP.P – Sacred Art


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