Kazoo! & FOMM present: GUH (scoring the film ‘Microcosmos’) – Nov 4th @ GYMC

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MicrocosmosFestival of Moving Media & Kazoo! present:

with live musical score by GUH

An explosive extravaganza for the eyes and ears! Genre-bending band GUH will perform an original live musical soundscape for the award-winning film Microcosmos. A family friendly experience of breathtaking insect scenery paired with inventive music of the highest order, restoring us all to a sense of wonder.

Directors Claude Nuridsany, Marie Pérennou
France/1996/80 min

GUH: Henry Muth, Colin Couch, Jason Baird, Jason Clarke, Brian Cram, Scott Good, Andrew Henry, Blake Howard, Craig Barnes

Sunday November 4th
2pm @ GYMC (75 Cardigan Street)
All Ages – $10 cover or $20 per family

“GUH in performance is a very intimate and personal journey both for the band and the audience, and it is not always an easy one. But its combination of brain-crunching noise and transcendent expression, when all its cylinders are firing, is amazing.” James Keast, Exclaim!

“…simultaneously playing with the precision of a classical chamber orchestra and the abandon of a garage-full of punks.” Matt Galloway, NOW

“GUH defies description. Forget labels like jazz or classical, it’s dubious if they’re even a ‘band’ or an ‘orchestra’ – or just a bunch of really smart guys with wicked senses of humour who get together to make crazy music.” Johnny Dovercourt, Wavelength

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