Kazoo! #150 & Fortnight Halloween Costume Party: MINOTAURS / ODD YEARS – Oct. 31st @ eBar

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Kazoo! #150

Inspired heavily by the work of legendary Nigerian musician Fela Kuti, Minotaurs take the funky, slinky backbone of afrobeat and apply it to the indie-rock-folk songs of Nathan Lawr. Their propulsive rhythms and syncopated horn arrangements are catchy, inspiring, and incredibly funky all at once. In 2010 they released ‘The Thing’, a record about the invisible powers that hold us together and pull us apart. And in 2011 they released a remix album called ‘Fink Ployd: The Thing Remixed’, a psychedelic homage to the funky afrobeat gooves featured on The Thing. This show will mark the release of ‘Open the Doors’ a new single from the forthcoming ‘New Believers’ album to be released January 22nd, 2013.

Odd Years is the new project of AJ Johnson (Cuff The Duke, Legato Vipers) joined by Thomas Hammerton on Keys, JJ Ipsen on bass, Nathan Lawr on drums and Dustin Seabrook on guitar.

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