Kazoo! #152: KITE HILL / LISA BOZIKOVIC / JOSEPH GALLO JR – Nov. 15th @ eBar

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Kazoo! #152

KITE HILL is a string, drum, and winds band from Toronto. Songwriter and composer Ryan Carley (of Ohbijou) takes active inspiration from old books, wildlife, and the rural landscape where he grew up. Sonic inspiration is processed much more passively. Songs, tunes, themes, drum lines, voices of friends and family come together as a great and beautiful blended noise that continually washes over the writing of new works. Kite Hill wanders in and out of diverse musical territory, drawing lines through the borders of baroque pop, instrumental, and world music. This show marks the release of their new album ‘Rest and Run’

Lisa Bozikovic is a Toronto singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her songs ebb and flow with quietly ornate moments – a riot of strings here, a whimsical Moog solo there. On both her debut Lost August (Dec 2009) and her upcoming release This is How we Swim (Fall 2012), she worked with co-producer Sandro Perri and Heather Kirby (Ohbijou) to embellish her keys arrangements with experimental techniques and lush orchestration. Following the wave of critical acclaim surrounding the release of Lost August, CBC named her as one of the top artists to watch in 2010. In April 2012, she collaborated with Stevie Jackson (of Belle and Sebastian) on the musical arrangements for Paper Laced With Gold (written by Maggie MacDonald/ Stevie Jackson), and also played keys and sang in the production, which premiered at Harbourfront Centre as part of the HATCH series in 2012.

Foremost a piano/vocal combination with hints of lounge jazz, pop and doo-wop with a ‘crooner’ vocal style. Juxtaposing the array of lush sounds is a quirky but angry lyricism inspired by people, places and things. He will play the night with an ensemble of local players.

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