Kazoo! Fest 2018: Thursday Preview

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Hope you’re feeling well-rested after the Kazoo! kick-off, cause it’s only day two and there’s so much more to see!

Photo by Karel O./ Decipher Images

The evening will start out with a bit of a difficult choice – are you up for something more experimental and avant-garde, or are you feeling that a cozy evening of heartwarming folk may be more your jam? If it’s the former, head on over to Kazoo! HQ at 7 PM to catch The Powers, Church, and Cindy Lee, for an evening of experimental electronic, performance art, and dance. If you’re up for something a little more intimate, head to 10C at 7:30 PM to catch a trio of heartfelt performances by Bird City, Jom Comyn, and LUKA.

But regardless of which show you choose to kick off your evening, make your way to the eBar afterwards (doors at 10 PM) for an eclectic collection of performances by the Alpaca Nachos (this year’s Girls Rock Camp Guelph choice for Kazoo! Fest!), Faith Healer, and Elle Barbara’s Black Space.

And don’t forget that the Guelph Night Market will be happening all throughout the evening tonight (7-11pm), so be sure to take some time between your show-hopping to head on over to Mitchell Hall to pick up some Kazoo! Fest souvenirs from the Night Market’s curated selection of vendors.

Whew, hope we’ve whet your appetites, cause things are just getting started!

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