Kazoo! #170: Pre-Halloween Masquerade – ESTHER GREY / THE FAMINES / MARINE DREAMS / START SOMETHING – Oct. 25th @ eBar

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Kazoo! #170: Pre-Halloween Masquerade
Pre-Halloween Masquerade?
That’s right! This is a mandatory masquerade!! Wear your own mask or take one of our custom made Kazoo! cat masks at the door.

Local haunted brilliance. This show will serve as a 7” release full of ethereal vocals over thumping baroque blues and the sounds of fall played by Guelph’s finest. Textures, moods, and rock ‘n roll perfection.

This pounding, pummeling, Edmonton/Montreal garage punk duo return to Guelph with one of the most entertaining and compelling live shows in the country. Straight from the Mammoth Cave to Ebar, you just have to see and experience this to understand – seriously.

Affecting roots-tinged rock ‘n roll. Sincerity and rock history mix to bring forth some nu-Canadiana indebted as much to The Band as it is The Weakerthans, while remaining something entirely its own.

Post-punk/garage newcomers. Abrasive hooks, simplicity and energy embodying Husker Du and Mission of Burma. New 7” coming soon on Mammoth Cave Records, but until then the only way you can hear them is to see this show.

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