Kazoo! #169: DIANA / THE FOLK – Oct. 17th @ eBar

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Kazoo! #169: DIANA / THE FOLK

DIANA is Joseph Shabason, Kieran Adams, and Carmen Elle (Paul Mathew has since joined to round out the live show). Shabason and Adams had spent plenty of time making music together since meeting at music school. They had lent their skills with their first instruments (saxophone and drums, respectively) to many bands in their native Canada, including Shabason’s recent contributions to Destroyer’s excellent Kaputt and subsequent touring.

After writing and demoing on an August trip to a lakeside cottage, Shabason and Adams went into the studio with engineer and co-producer Roger Leavens. They asked that Toronto vocalist Carmen Elle come in to try singing on a track. Regardless of who wrote these songs, the lyrics and melodies belonged to Elle the moment they escaped her mouth, each nuance of phrasing and melody deepening the sentiments put forth. With the last puzzle piece in place, it felt right to give the project a life beyond the studio, and DIANA had begun.

THE FOLK are twins, SARA BV and EMMA BV, and their brothers, MARK FERRARI, LIAM MAGAHAY and PATRICK RODY; one time or part time citizens of TORONTO/GUELPH/MONCTON/SOUTHERN, ONTARIO, CANADA. The SAY IT AGAIN EP, released the day before summer (2012), and its predecessor, YOU SAY I SAY, released the day before winter (2011) were self-produced and released with help from Producer, aka. “the fifth folk-er,” NICK BIFFIS. WE ALL SAY, their first full-length album, debuts in early 2014.

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