Look Hear! A micro-grant for the creation of a new multimedia performance

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Look Hear
For the first time, Kazoo! is offering a micro-grant to assist local artists in the creation of a new multimedia performance. We’re hoping this project will encourage local artists to take risks, push boundaries and blend mediums to create something unique that will debut at Kazoo! Fest in April 2014. We’re working with our friends at Ed Video Media Arts Centre to present this opportunity, here are the details:

Look Hear
Call for Submissions – Deadline: October 18th, 2013 at 5pm

Kazoo! and Ed Video Media Arts Centre are seeking submissions from individual artists or collectives to create a new multimedia performance that combines live music and visuals. Proposals should explore the creative possibilities of merging sound and vision to create an innovative and unique new performance to debut for a live audience at Kazoo! Fest 2014.

It should be possible to present the performance in a variety of venues such as nightclubs, warehouses, galleries as the performance location is yet to be determined. Ed Video Media Arts Centre will supply technical resources wherever possible, which could include video production equipment, video projectors, and technical assistance

Project Criteria and Eligibility:
? The project must be created by artists based in Guelph, with at least 60% of any collective residing in Guelph.
? Projects must be 30 minutes long and must be able to be performed live in front of an audience.
? Must incorporate music and visual elements into a single performance piece.
? For the purposes of this project, the term ?multimedia? will re?ect the integration of a variety of mediums. Visuals may include video, light projections, live drawing/painting and more. The music component of this project is not limited to any genre or instrumentation. Ideally musical components should be performed live where possible.

Artist Fees:
Artist fees will consist of $1,000 total with $500 paid at the start of the project
(November 2013) and $500 paid upon completion (April 2014).

How to apply?
View the full Call for Submissions

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