Why LUKA Rules by Beverly Glenn-Copeland

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Photo by Colin Medley


One Friday night, I manage to stay up way past my bedtime and was treated to a stunning set by The LUKA Band. LUKA offered poetically rich imagery in sensitive, strong, sometimes driving, emotionally charged songs that pulled me irresistibly into his world. His band members provided solid, no nonsense back-up, interwoven with a brilliance and creativity to match his own. I sat mesmerized wanting more with the happy smile of one transported to a rich landscape of emotions beautifully rendered into sound.

I am a new fan!

Beverley Glenn-Copeland is a musical creative force that continues to move and inspire. Beverley Glenn-Copeland will be performing at Kazoo! Fest 2018 on Saturday, April 14th at Dublin Street United Church (68 Suffolk St. W.)
Tickets for this performance are ava
ilable HERE.

LUKA plays Kazoo! Fest 2018 on Thursday April 12th with Jom Comyn and Bird City at 10 C (42 Carden St. S.)


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