Kazoo! Halloween: Versa / Baby Cages / L CON – Oct 28th @ eBar

 In Pre 2018 Shows

Versa is an audio/visual collaboration between process-based artist Monika Hauck and musician Alex Ricci. Sonically influenced by contemporary soundscape, instrumental post-rock and 60’s psychedelic, the project combines heavily effected bass guitar compositions with projected visuals created live throughout the performance. Music is rendered visible by harnessing its physical and cymatic properties, resulting in an immersive synesthetic experience.

Scorceress pop from a stranger world. Hypnotic melodies and swayable beats led by frontwoman Halloway Jones. With elements of post-rock, pop, folk, avant garde/experimental, drone and a dozen other components, all we can say is that it is truly captivating. While many of these songs are broken, reflecting on missed opportunities, they are hopeful. Building it up all again amongst the rubble.

L CON exists as a fluid, constantly evolving project led by Lisa Conway. With the release of her new album Moon Milk, based on Italo Calvino’s short story collection The Cosmicomics, this new collection of songs use sparse electronics and striking arrangements to explore the deep and dark celestial void.

Kazoo! Halloween Party: Friday October 28th @ eBar (41 Quebec St)
All Ages / Licensed – Doors 10pm – $10 at the door

Unfortunately eBar is not a physically accessible venue (stairs)
Poster by JG

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