Kazoo! Fest Preview – Thursday April 10th

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Photo courtesy of Cody Hawes

Photo courtesy of Cody Hawes

After a late night of wandering through Alexandra Mackenzie’s incredible immersive installation at Ed Video, dancing to Kelly McMichael and the Gloss, getting grooved by the glamorous Jef Barbara, and rocked by Hooded Fang’s sunshine tunes, you’re probably waking up fresh to a cup of coffee and the bright promise of an awesome second day of Kazoo! Fest.

Thursday night starts out with a tiny double-feature short film festival at St. Andrew’s Church (161 Norfolk St.), co-presented by Festival of Moving Media. The Impermanence of the Ordinary is a 13-minute doc directed by Dale Sood that delves into Toronto’s built landscape—storefront signage, facades, and structural renovations—through over 40,000 images photographer Patrick Cummins has taken since 1978. After this street-level perspective of a city in constant flux, we dive into the madcap community of Sackville, New Brunswick, and its yearly Stereophonic Festival with the 12-minute documentary This is Now Here by Colin Medley.

After that, a crew of tech wizards and master musicians will begin setting up for Foster, commissioned for the festival as part of the Look Hear micro-grant offered by Ed Video and Kazoo!. This performance investigates urban decay in both the people and infrastructure of small-town Ontario through a performance which incorporates live and prerecorded audio and visuals. Dreamt up by Thomas Hammerton, Daniel Ross, and Dustin Seabrook and featuring some of the talented fellows from Cuff the Duke, Minotaurs, and Lowlands, this thoughtful light and sound is not something to miss.

Once the last note has echoed into the rafters of St. Andrews’, as people start to unplug projectors and pack up instruments, wistfully file out of the church doors. You’ll have just enough time to jet down Norfolk to the eBar for the start of The Medicine Hat’s set, full of fuzzed-out folk rock. The Furys will follow with deliciously disjointed tunes packed with energy and stomp. Grab a can of Kazoo! Brew, our Festive IPA, and then get ready to experience one of Canada’s must-see acts, Cousins. These guys are set to hit the road with Chad VanGaalen this summer and will mix a little college rock and grunge with heathly splash of sophisticated songwriting into your evening and round off your second night of the festival.

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