Kazoo! Fest 2017: Saturday Preview

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This is it, guys. The last big hurrah before tomorrow’s pancake breakfast. Hope you’re ready to go all out.

Kick things off with the Kazoo! Print Expo, co-presented by Wyndham Art Supplies, and pick up some prints from your favourite artists. This will be taking place at Mitchell Hall from 11am to 4pm, but get there early so that you can head down the road to catch Kazoo!, Ed Video, and Channel’s co-pres of experimental, multi-faceted performances by Hexzuul, Xuan Ye, Roarke Menzies, and Brigitte Bardon’t beginning at 1pm at Kazoo! HQ.

If you head over to Silence for 3pm, you’ll get a taste of the incredible artistic talent that Guelph fosters with Jesse Ruddock’s book launch for her new novel “Shot Blue“, followed by a performance by The Magic. It’ll most certainly be magical.

At 4pm, you can get cozy at the Red Brick Cafe with the dreamy tunes of Guelph’s Emily Mikhaela & Ian Bain followed by a set from Sackville’s Golden Boy, Jon McKiel. After this, you’ll probably have time to run over to Outpost Vintage for some instrumental rock’n’roll with Ghost Snake with a surprise opening act!

At 7pm, run over to Heritage Hall and be prepared to bliss out ’cause Bernice and Un Blonde are gonna be performing with visuals by Versa.

While you can probably catch a bit of everything up to this point, now you’re gonna have to start making decisions. Over at Silence at 8pm is a Kazoo!’s co-presentation with IICSI that is a sure-fire festival highlight with the experimental sounds of Modo Koagon followed by the traditional Greek and post-punk fusion of Xylouris White featuring Createan lutist, George Xylouris and Australian drummer Jim White of the Dirty Three. Your other two options are head over to hang out with our friends at the Cornerstone at 8:30pm for an intimate performance from the blissful JoJo Worthington followed by the smooth sounds of Dan Edmonds. Over at Palmer Hall is the third edition of Short & Sweet, co-presented by Wants & Needs and Guelph Dance. A Kazoo! Fest classic of the past few years, this’ll be an evening of contemporary dance in which 32 dancers have only 3 minutes to perform for the audience.

Wrapping the night up at Mitchell Hall is a Kazoo! and CFRU 93.3FM co-pres featuring the Juno-nominated art rock top guns, Weaves, who will be opening for Guelph heroes, Constantines, with visuals by Karl Skene. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough to convince you, Girls Rock Camp band Violet Ice will be kicking off the night!

We feel confident in saying that this evening has all the makings of a legendary night and everyone will most certainly be talking about it over pancakes tomorrow, so be sure you don’t miss out.

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