Kazoo! Fest 2017 – Podcast #6

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This week Andrea Patehviri of CFRU 93.3‘s Indie Alarm Clock has a conversation with Katie Ewald, curator of Short&Sweet Guelph Edition 2017, and Kelly McCullough, fan of Short&Sweet! Short&Sweet will showcase 32 contemporary dancers who have carte blanche to create whatever they want… as long as it is under three minutes! Any artist going over the allotted time will be immediately cut off. Katie, Kelly, and I discuss the ways in which time constraints may affect the creation of a work of art, how Short&Sweet breaks down barriers to make contemporary dance more accessible to the general public, as well as the concept of artistic illiteracy and how it should never deter someone from experiencing a new art form – we all need to start somewhere! Let this interview be your intro to Short&Sweet’s intro to contemporary dance! Following the chat will be some of the music that you can hear live at Kazoo! Fest including…

Bernice – Dreamtime
Un Blonde – Who I Am
Gregory Pepper & His Problems – Nothing Songs
John Southworth – Fiddler Crossed the Border
Richard Laviolette – Old Country Music

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