Kazoo! Fest 2017: Friday Preview

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Kazoo! Fest 2017: The one where it snowed — but that sure hasn’t limited all the great things that have already happened! Hope you’ve been able to balance getting out to all of the great shows while also keeping your energy levels high for the coming days, cause there’s so much more in store.

Today’s got quite a few options for you to check out. At 4pm, you can wake yourself up after your workday with a cup of coffee from Planet Bean while catching the sweet jams of Cedric Noel and the infectiousness of BUDI – a perfect way to usher in a day crammed full of amazing music.

If you’re looking for something a little louder (but still pretty chilled out) to kick off the day’s shows, make your way to Take Time Vintage at 5pm for a performance by Ottawa’s slack-rockers DJ Smoke Weed Guy, and Guelph’s pop-grungy outfit, Ten Boy Summer. It might not feel like spring out there, but these laid back rockers will make Take Time Vintage feel like a summer oasis.

Ease into the evening at Silence for Kazoo!’s co-pres with Riverfest Elora that features a stacked bill of Guelph’s Golden Boy, Gregory Pepper & His Problems followed by the haunting tunes of John Southworth.

With the metal riffs of Peps and the beautiful ballads of Southworth still swimming in your head, you now have a difficult decision to make. You can either head over to Mitchell Hall for Kazoo!’s co-pres with the CSA and Wavelength, featuring the incomparable Jessy Lanza, HAN HAN w/ Hataw and Softside (plus a set by DJ Junglecat and visuals by Karl Skene!), or head to the ANAF for a night of experimental and electronic tunes with YlangYlang, Persons, LA Timpa, and Ice Cream. If you’re instead looking to jump around and get sweaty, check out the eBar at for Eyeballs, LAPS, Century Egg, and Badminton Racquet, with visuals by Versa. Tricky decisions are what Kazoo! Fest is about so pick something based on your mood – or run between each venue to really make the most of the night! Whatever you chose, you’re gonna see some great music today. But don’t burn yourself out, ’cause Saturday’s gonna be cram packed with Kazoo! goodness.

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