Kazoo! #224: Special Costello / Baby Cages – Feb. 25 @ Jimmy Jazz

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Special Costello is the ever-developing project by the criminally underrated Jeremy Costello. Whether it’s an eleven minute post-pop/krautrock jam or a minute and a half synth instrumental, Special Costello commands every room with his deeply affecting, awe-inspiring shows. Certainly one of the most astonishing performers we’ve ever seen, it’s a treat to live in the same country as someone as great as Jeremy Costello – let alone have him perform in our fine city.

The brainchild of Halloway Jones, Baby Cages is a hard one to peg. With elements of post-rock, pop, folk, avant garde/experimental, drone and a dozen other components, all we can say is that it is truly captivating. While many of these songs are broken, reflecting on missed opportunities, they are hopeful. Building it up all again amongst the rubble.

Kazoo! #224: Thursday February 25th @ Jimmy Jazz (52 Macdonell Street) – 19+ – Doors 9:30pm – FREE

Poster by Halloway Jones

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