Kazoo! #218: Badminton Racquet, The Sourkeys, Familiar Fiends, Cupcake Ductape + PS Guelph Book Launch – Oct. 30th @ eBar

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Badminton Racquet:
Nathan Campagnaro and Kyle Coveny team up for pizza-inspired math rock. Ranging from distorted noise-rock sounds and eerie samples, to almost poppy, upbeat riffs, this duo is heavily intent on instrumental experimentation. They are the cool kids at the party, they are also your best friends and they just seem to get better every time they pick up their respective sticks and guitar.

The Sourkeys:
After a long 5 year hiatus, taking with them an explosive live show that has been missed dearly, please welcome the Waterloo Titans back. While they share DNA with other greats such as the Pixies, Fugazi and NoMeansNo, they have a sound that can only be described as their own. Packing a vinyl reissue of the first LP (2004), we couldn’t be more excited to have Guelph be a stop on this reunion tour.

Familiar Fiends:
With thoughtful songwriting sprinkled with raw, visceral sounds, the Fiends are fuzzed out post-everything garage rock that will give you everything you want and need. Led by Paul and Sarah Copoc, the murmurs of their live show as being one of the best Southern Ontario has to offer has become an unquestionable fact for all who have been fortunate enough to witness it. A Kazoo! Favorite, THE FIENDS.

Cupcake Ductape:
Steph Yates + Alanna Gurr = Cupcake Ductape. It blistering. It’s bad-ass. It’s funny. It’s powerful. It rocks. It rolls. It challenges. It’s the best and it’s what you need. You need this. You really need this.

PS Guelph Book Launch:
PS Guelph and Label Fantastic! are proud to co-present “The Ecstasy and the Void: An Introduction to the Occult of Mulagi”, the world’s first compendium of the apocryphal lore and mystery surrounding the Serbian folk-hero, Mulagi. Sayings, fragments of stories, and unearthed poems have been brought to life in twenty-four original artworks by twenty-four original artists from across the globe. Having brought the folk history of the British Isles to life with the popular Devon Folklore Tapes series, Scotland’s The White Funz were hired to score an original soundtrack, coming full circle to unite the artworks and written words of Mulagi.

Twenty years in the making, this unforgettable release is both challenging and rewarding, comforting and perplexing. But as it has been said since time immemorial: To pass across the desert, streams turn to mist. To find a way to Mulagi, desist, desist, desist.

Kazoo! #218: Friday October 30th
@ eBar (41 Quebec St) – All Ages / LIC – Doors 9pm – $10

Poster by Nathan Campagnaro

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