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Nick Ferrio is a country singer and songwriter from Peterborough, Ontario. You might know Nick as the silly and fun-loving bassist in The Burning Hell. But since before Nick joined The Burning Hell six years ago, he has been quietly working away on his own songs. Now, for the first time he is branching out into a solo career. Nick’s music is at once honest and filled with tall tales. His version of country music contains shades of some of country’s greatest storytellers, likening to Tom T Hall, Willie Nelson and George Jones. Nick Ferrio & His Feelings make country music. Not your Daddy’s country music, but the stuff your Grandparents would think is cool. His new full length album will be released on September 18, 2012 on Shuffling Feet Records, a record label run by Jonas Bonnetta and Sylvie Smith of Evening Hymns.

CA SMITH (Mayor McCa)
Christian Anderson (C.A.) Smith is the Mayor. Or at least he was. Smith has preformed under the moniker Mayor McCA for the past 15 years. Operating as a one-man band he borrowed the term, and half jokingly, referred to himself as “The hardest working man in showbiz”, funny but no less true. It’s safe to say that as a vaudeville style act (singing, playing, and tap dancing) he turned a few heads.

Surely one of Canada’s greatest unheralded musical treasures, Jessy Bell Smith is a young woman with enormous soul and generous spirit that fills grateful spaces whenever she sets her dynamic voice around her charming, compelling songs. Raised in Guelph, Ontario, Bell-Smith has been playing music publicly for nearly 10 years, starting with open stages at 19 years old and then joining acclaimed, hometown band, Beautiful Senseless, as a core member. With a vocal style informed by the likes of Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday, and Etta James and songwriting touched by John Prine, Tom Waits, and Bruce Springsteen, Bell-Smith is a bright musical force. When Bell-Smith sings, something lovely and vital is added to the air—an urgent, timeless sound, which reassures and reminds listeners of our collective heart. It’s
sweet but subtle, just like every performance by a real original like Jessy Bell-Smith.

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