Kazoo! #100: Polydactyl Hearts / Kite Hill + djs, visuals & more – June 10th @ eBar

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Kazoo! #100Kazoo! has reached it’s 100th show and 4th anniversary. Our first show was June 2nd 2006 and since then we’ve hosted 3 city-wide arts festivals, published a quarterly arts zine, and hosted our year-round new music series. Over the years there are lots of people who’ve come together to make this happen; music lovers, artists, and organizers. So let’s celebrate together!!!

From the creators of Le Cyc, comes a new half hour multimedia performance entitled ‘Hello Adventure’. The project was commissioned by Wavelength and debuted at the Images Festival in April 2010, where it also received the Overkill Award.
In a series of six shorts, Hello Adventure uses stop-motion animation and a live musical score to create a wildly imaginative world in which the basic structures of society have begun to unravel. Rapid transformations of urban space, language, and biology cause upheaval and disorientation as characters search for an identity in a world where everything is changing. Illustrations and paintings by Dave Willekes are synchronized with original music composed and performed by a six-piece orchestra . Willekes’ stop-motion visuals are created using a range of mediums including oil paints, charcoal, pencil crayon, and cut and paste. The visuals are projected and synchronized using a game-pad to control the speed, panning, and zooming of the images to go along with the music.
The orchestra made up of Eihab Boraie, Claire Whitehead, Martin Eckart, Dave Bazinet, Brad McInerney, Dan Paille, and Andra Zommers uses electric bass, drums, piano, synthesizer, saxophone, clarinet, violin and vibraphone to create a soundtrack that ranges from instrumental scores to lyrically driven narratives. Composed collectively, the visuals and music are interwoven as images correspond to specific timbres and metric changes within the music.
With musical and visual styles in constant flux, the performance conveys the idea that often the way things change is more remarkable than what they change into.

KITE HILL (featuring members of Ohbijou)
KITE HILL is a string, drum, and winds band from New Toronto, Canada. It is a union of people wholly fascinated with the wonder of our world. Songwriter and composer Ryan Carley takes active inspiration from old books, wildlife, and the rural landscape where he grew up. Sonic inspiration is processed much more passively. Songs, tunes, themes, drum lines, and voices of friends and family come together as a great and beautiful blended noise that continually washes over the writing of new works. Collaborators and composers Mika Posen, Steve Lappano, Anissa Hart, Tyler Belluz, and a host of friends, bring further artifacts and creations to the table; causing songs to tilt and sway, and revealing surprising movements and patterns. As such, Kite Hill wanders in and out of diverse musical territory, drawing lines through the borders of baroque pop, instrumental, and world music.
Always eager to cut their own path, the band often set their sights on less seen parts of their homeland. In August 2009 they headlined the first edition of the Inroads Festival, which brought a troupe of emerging songwriters and composers to seven locations in Bruce County, Ontario. In hopes of connecting deeply with the landscape, its people, and their stories, Kite Hill and their contemporaries joined with community members in the creation of original works centred on emblematic aspects of each town visited. The result was seven original songs, and a string of shows in locations rarely visited by New Toronto artists.
Later this summer, Kite Hill will release Rest & Run, a thirteen track exploration of potential and action that forms the first part of the series, The Wild, Wild World of Wood, Wind and String.

Kite Hill’s set at Kazoo! #100 will also feature projections created by Tim Fagan.

between sets, Guelph’s own DJ Chadillac will be spinning an all vinyl set with visuals from Live ACtion Fezz controlled by an analogue video mixer. Together Chadillac and Live ACtion Fezz are hosting a new night called Ants in Your Pants at Atmosphere the last Thursday of each month. Check it out!

Sean is a Guelph photographer who has managed to capture some really special moments over the last five years. Be it a house show, a big festival, or a dance performance, Sean was likely there, taking photos. At Kazoo! #100, we’ll be featuring a selection of Sean’s photos from Kazoo! shows over the years.

Kazoo! #100 — 4th Anniversary Party
Thursday June 10th

@ eBar (41 Quebec St) – Doors 9:30, Show 10pm – All Ages / LIC
$5 – $8 (sliding scale)

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