DEBUT >>> MadadaM : Path of Broken Dreams

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Kazoo! Fest is very excited to debut the new video from MadadaM, Path of Broken Dreams.

From the desk of Gregory Pepper;

Remember “The Good Son”, starring Macaulay Culkin? The child actor supposedly made a bid for the role of this bloodthirsty sociopath to showcase his range as an actor after “Home Alone 2”. I guess now that I think about it, MadadaM’s debut EP is kind of his own private “The Good Son”: A personal, brooding affair that stands in sharp contrast with his playful hip-hop production of yesteryear. The reason I mentioned it though was because Adam once dressed up as a sort of character from that movie for Halloween, Mister Highway. It’s this featureless, life sized dummy that Mac chucks off an overpass to cause a multi-car pileup.

So follow me here: We’ve got the scary paper maché mask leftover from Halloween, Colin Harrington is coming over with a bunch of gear from ED Video, and there’s a TON of mushrooms just lying in wait. I was pretty adamant about the opening shot where it’s a slow motion dolly-in to MadadaM with his face shrouded. It came out sincerely spooky looking, right? And Adam’s whole thing was ending with a “Vertigo” style zoom when he takes the mask off and – I’m editorializing now – sheds the superficial ego and reveals his true self. Now add an “American Beauty” homage where the rose pedals are replaced with mushrooms and it all starts coming together. Really though, I should point out that Colin deserves all due praise for filming and editing this thing. MadadaM gets a special nod for his method acting. I was just sort of lying in a puddle there on the couch.

You can catch Madadam along with Cold on Pluto at Take Time Vintage on the second floor of 33 Carden Street on Saturday, April 9th.

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