10 Years of Kazoo!

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10yearsofkazooWe’re celebrating 10 years of Kazoo! with a weekend featuring some of our favorite artists at four very special events. All events are all ages and have a special cover price of just $5 as a nod to our beginnings in 2006. Thanks to everyone who has helped make Kazoo! possible over the years by attending, performing, sponsoring, volunteering and being a part of this crazy adventure with us! THANK YOU.

FRIDAY JUNE 3RD (Kazoo! #232)
9:30pm @ eBar (41 Quebec Street)
Visuals by VERSA

SATURDAY JUNE 4TH (Kazoo! #233)
1pm @ GCVI Pavilion (155 Paisley Street, Back)

4-7pm @ Take Time Vintage (33 Carden Street, Upstairs)
REPORTING LIVE FROM SOMEWHERE (Book Launch / Exhibition by Justin Gordon)

9pm @ TNT Boxing Academy (71 Wyndham Street South)
Visuals by VERSA


FRIDAY JUNE 3RD @ eBar (41 Quebec Street – Not physically Accessible)
Doors at 9:30pm

SHOTGUN JIMMIE (Brandon) // shotgunjimmie.net
Jimmie is our hero. If you’ve seen him, he’s probably your hero too. Whether he’s Standing in a Line, on a Skype Date or Waist Deep in the Water, from province to province, we love our hero and our hero is finally returning – and he’s got a killer new record in check. Join the band.

ESTHER GREY (Guelph) // esthergrey.bandcamp.com
Local haunted brilliance. Ethereal vocals over thumping baroque blues, textures, moods, and rock ‘n roll perfection. Every member of this band has been a big part in what makes this community great but, as Esther Grey, they soar to the highest of heights. With a new record brewing and local performances all too rare, dive into one of our greatest treats.

BONNIE TRASH (Guelph) // bonnietrash.bandcamp.com
Twin sisters that shred, creating songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on the “To Live and Die in LA” soundtrack. Soaring vocals, innovative ‘80s-sounding guitar wailing and programming – it all comes together to make songs that hint at nostalgia while looking to a dystopian future. The cool kids at the party have arrived.

BANANA LAMBS (Guelph) //
Formed at the first Girls Rock Camp in March 2016; Hannah, Sadie and Saffra make up Guelph’s fiercest new band. Banana Lambs, you ready?

Visuals by VERSA // kazookazoo.ca/versa
VERSA is an audio/visual collaboration between process-based artist Monika Hauck and musician Alex Ricci.


SATURDAY JUNE 4TH  @ GCVI Pavilion (155 Paisley Street, back – Physically Accessible)

BRY WEBB & THE PROVIDERS (Guelph) // brywebb.com
Guelph’s own poet laureate, Bry Webb weaves together the honest sentiments that get us all through each day. A deeply affecting singer/songwriter, Bry’s peaceful and sincere performances are full of celebratory, nostalgic and touching songs, delivered in a way that makes you understand why he’s been so influential in Canadian music for the past 10+ years. The Providers at this performance will be rounded up by Nathan Lawr and Rich Burnett.

BERNICE (Toronto) // bernice.bandcamp.com
Led by singer Robin Dann’s beautiful and intricate vocal melodies, and featuring some of Toronto’s best players (Thom Gill, Colin Fisher, Josh Cole, Felicity Williams and Phil Melanson), Toronto’s Bernice is imbued with a sense of experimentalism and wonder. Simply put, there’s something deeply affecting and infectious about Bernice’s songs. Never has so much skill, passion, and thought been contained within something so delicate.


SATURDAY JUNE 4TH @ Take Time Vintage (33 Carden Street, Upstairs – – Not Physically Accessible)
4:00pm to 7:00pm

REPORTING LIVE FROM SOMEWHERE – Book Launch / Exhibition by Justin Gordon (Montreal/Guelph) // instagram.com/tindrums
Justin Gordon (JG) is a self-taught, gender-queer visual artist currently living in Montreal, Quebec. They make works in the form of small press art books and narrative comics, painted installations and editions of silkscreen posters and t-shirts. Reporting Live From Somewhere is an exhibit of new paintings and printed ephemera made in the window from spring to the first days of summer.


SATURDAY JUNE 4TH @ TNT Boxing Academy (71 Wyndham Street South – Partially Physically Accessible, No Washroom)
Doors at 9:00pm

HOODED FANG (Toronto) // hoodedfang.bandcamp.com
These Toronto garage rock kingpins offer up timeless melodies brimming with psychedelia and ‘60s sunshine pop. With the release of their brand new album, Venus on Edge, Hooded Fang cemented themselves as Toronto’s most infectious band with tunes that stick with you for days. There’s something about Hooded Fang’s sound that will compel you to grab your drink, walk to the middle of the dance floor and let loose with absolute abandon.

WHOOP-SZO (London/Guelph) // thenoisymountain.bandcamp.com
Arty, spastic, dynamic and entirely unique, you won’t find another band like WHOOP-Szo. With a cast of members roaming in and out of Guelph, this band of creative counterparts combines sound collage, disjointed parts, complex arrangements, and supreme momentum to weave sonic stories, all at once disorienting and enjoyable. Sip on the psychedelic sound of WHOOP-Szo, we promise you’ll taste a far-reaching rainbow of tones.

MOTËM (Hamilton) // motem.ca
Hamilton’s prince of weird, Motëm is truly one of a kind. With a prolific output, Motëm has released countless albums and mixtapes over the last decade, firmly establishing a cult following in his home base of Hamilton, ON and around the world. His eccentric and playful tunes are balanced with his utterly unique spoken-rap delivery exploring complex and heartfelt emotional terrain. Is it rap? Skweee? Synth-Funk? Whatever you want to call it, it’s distinctively Motëm who occupies an enigmatic musical world that’s all his own.

Visuals by VERSA // kazookazoo.ca/versa
VERSA is an audio/visual collaboration between process-based artist Monika Hauck and musician Alex Ricci.


Poster by Gregory Pepper

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