Why The Magic Rules by Alissa Firth-Eagland (2017)

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The Magic

If I was to make a grocery list of the ingredients in my favourite live shows of late, it would include buttery pop, peppy fresh hand claps, and a stinging hot beat. 

The Magic is brothers Evan and Geordie Gordon and, when they perform live with Tim Clarke, there is all this sultriness and more. More swoons and grooves and cheekbones and head bops. This combination transports assembled folks to another place: where there is strength in hope. Handmade, heart-shaped pottery, crafted as children, is not space-based. It’s a future-forward, time-bound experiment. For The Magic, what was once clay is now pure molded sound. These soothsayers cast containers. They build vessels of soul. The incantation was conjured on their first release, Ragged Gold, and the alchemy was set with their second album, Nightfalling.

In the backyard of life’s most memorable experiences there’s a legitamish fire pit, bodies gathered round, eyes glinting in the night light. These brothers formed and styled The Magic out the back (in a thrift store, actually) and when they bring it out, we all get to dance. When Geordie sings and Evan drops beats, the flames rise higher and lick the sky. Their set at Silence on Saturday afternoon will be a lovingly cozy, disco-flecked affair accompanying the launch of Jesse Ruddock’s debut novel, Shot Blue: a rare book riddled with feeling.

I dare you to be still.

Alissa Firth-Eagland is Festival Manager of Kazoo! Fest 2017. She’s also a curator, writer, and arts administrator who deeply values the sharing and decentralization of culture. She’s the new curator of Humber Galleries in Toronto.

The Magic play Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Saturday April 8th as part of Jesse Rodduck’s “Shot Blue” Book Launch @ Silence.


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