Why Ten Boy Summer Rules by Rigel Rozanski (2017)

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Ten Boy Summer

These pals are a kind of auditory slushie. They are the instant-noodle-soup of the whole music-with-soup analogy – you will instantly love them. They bring a raw, grungy, spaced-out, endearing, atmosphere with them wherever they go that’s really special – and they’re super humble about it ❤. Mary King springboards dreamy vocal melodies which appeal directly to your inner brain. The structures of their songs give you time to breath and reflect while still feeling succinct and pronounced. It’s hard not to want to hear everything they’ve written once you get a sense of their music. The whole band gets it — they work together really well like beans and rice.

The first time I met the band it felt like a time traveling van had just pulled up in the narrow bushed driveway of the Neeve St. house. It was a weather-worn hand painted van. Maybe by some sloppy-craftsmanship, the band had accidentally slipped into a different decade for some brief moments. Yes, the more I reflect on it they must have short circuited this world and made a stop to either the 1990s or 2030s with just enough time for the band to swap out clothes and gear before being cast back into the current era to the driveway of the house show. I think at this point, the whole band, company, instruments, amplifiers and sleeping bags actually crawled right out of the trunk simultaneously. Only a short time later, they were unwrapped in the living room making everyone feel like a peanut butter and banana sandwich lunch – the kind where maybe your parents have been giving you the same trail-mix granola bar everyday through grades 2 to 6, but then this time, out of the blue, you got a chocolate chip cookie, amazing.

There is something truly heart-warming/nostalgic about these bunch, they’re silly and full of respect and imagination. When you’re at one of their shows, listening to their music, it becomes obvious that the whole band has something positive to say and I hope you get the chance to experience it!

Rigel Rozanski is the primary force behind the excellent house show series at 42 Jane. He also heads up the Guelph-based band, Cold on Pluto, who are performing at Kazoo! Fest 2017 at eBar on Thursday April 6th.

Catch Ten Boy Summer at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Friday April 7th with DJ Smoke Weed Guy @ Take Time Vintage.


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