Why SADSADDERDAZE Rules by Sara Bortolon-Vettor (2016)

 In Why This Rules


You and your girlfriends hang at your place Friday evening. You have a wild night eating chips, smoking pot, slurping red wine, listening to The Pointer Sisters and laughing at each others misfortunes. Friday night was awesome. Saturday morning is rough.

Your head is pounding, your eyes are crusty – but, hey! why not seize the day and make fun of your sad self? Poke fun at your dread for daily activities like brushing your teeth, putting away dishes, walking down the stairs and taking out the trash. But it’s cool. That’s life. So cheer up buttercup, your gals from Guelph-based art collective, SADSADDERDAZE will most certainly make you laugh and embrace your sad-Saturday self.

SADSADDERDAZE makes me feel empowered. I feel I can be my silly, cold and blunt self. I can walk home from a party alone and have a euphoric moment just listening to my feet drag on the sidewalk cement. I feel like I can make fun of my own self-deprecation. We should all make fun of our own self-deprecation. Laugh. Have a good laugh. This feeling is like no other.

The “NO THANKS” pin empowers me to be myself and show my support towards the anti-plastic movement. Embrace the unconventional. No thanks, I will certainly need to pass on this plastic bag. No thanks, I will not put up with your bullshit. NO THANKS is the polite way of saying, “No.” Say, NO to things not in tune with your spirit and say YES to laughing at yourself…

Give the gals at SADSADDERDAZE a little social-love by hitting the heart on the insta or finding them on the net. Be sure to check out their window installation opening on April 8th, 4-6pm at Outpost Vintage + Thrift.

Sara Bortolon-Vettor is a member of The Folk, is involved in running Fuckpop and had her hand in Girls Rock Camp Guelph. She also holds the busiest Kazoo! Fest 2016 performer award — with upcoming performances with Bonnie Trash, Cold on Pluto and Natural Thirst.

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