Why Phèdre Rules by Audrey King (2015)

 In Why This Rules


I’m really excited about seeing Phèdre again.

I love everything I’ve seen April Alliermo and Daniel Lee perform. Their interests are diverse and any project they focus on displays their commitment to fun. Phèdre is a collage of dreamy and scuzzy pop, aggressively performed and very anti-boredom. No folk festival chairs. Maybe costumes. Fans of Hooded Fang and their amazing ESG cover band will recognize something wonderful in Phèdre’s role-playing and sexy jungle distortions. It is lovely and familiar, but it is also exciting and weird. Alliermo has spoke in interviews about the importance of dialogue between genres – this is music that loves genres. This is music that loves play. It loves the muddy fomentation of its own creative energy. It is dysfunctional. It rules.

Audrey King is the Hospitality Coordinator for Kazoo! Fest.

phedreamour.com // facebook // bandcamp

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