How I Experience Persons (or Why Persons Rules) by Catherine Debard (2017)

 In Why This Rules


Persons is Adventurous
Persons is Fun
Persons is Real

Playful and Performative
Feminine and Masculine
Ritualism and Dance Party
Movements and Words splashing joyfully through Space and Time
A mad kaleidoscopic burst of Ideas, Grooves, fiery Beats
Can’t keep up! I am stoked!

We have Raw Power
This Moment will be Charged with our combined Rainbow Energies
How can we create something Meaningful and irresistibly DANCEY?
How can we be Present and share our concerns about Art, Society, being Alive?
Our process is risky, bare, honest; we are navigating into troubled waters and we are Aware
We are doing our best to be Responsible with our Art
Dancing as a way to tune to a higher frequency
We will blow people’s mind with our
Pure Catchy Weird House Eerie Hop Abstract Pop Hypnotism

Just drew a tarot card to help me with a conclusion
“The King of Cups combines the outward focus of a King with the positive, caring, sensitive and compassionate energies of Water. He uses Earth to ground these energies so that he can make a difference in his world.”
And that makes total sense to me.

Catherine Debard is a recently relocated Hamilton-based artist that, among many rad things, performs music as YlangYlang. YlangYlang is performing at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Friday April 7th at the Making Box.

Catch Persons at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Friday April 7th with Ice Cream, LA Timpa and YlangYlang @ ANAF.


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