Why Modo Koagon Rules by Kyle Coveny (2017)

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Modo Koagon

Modo Koagon

Close your eyes…
Think of a time you may have went for a late night stroll in an unfamiliar city. Seeing the odd eccentricities of a foreign place give you a surreal feeling and, in the cover of nightfall, your mind starts to play games with you. The air is cool and damp the streets are writhing from night life. Billboards and skyscrapers seem to close off the sky and the fluorescent glow of the streetlamps become blinding and suffocating all at once.

You dart down a street to escape the sensation but you find it’s become eerily silent…  A man shouts and cackles in the distance, the unoiled blades of an air conditioner sync with the beat of your heart. You turn around to make sure you’re not being followed as the headlights of rusted out pickup truck are timed perfectly with your knee jerk reaction. You walk, head down trying to avoid the slow moving vehicle approaching behind you. Luckily, it speeds past as you inhale exhaust fumes and you’re reminded of the pack of cigarettes in your pocket. Upon your first drag you start to calm down suddenly you’re in a more familiar part of town.

The trees are reminiscent of whispers, lulling you back into a state of ease. The next street sign reads Fairmont Avenue. You’re only a few easy blocks away from your temporary residence. The air smells sweet and the distant sounds of chaos buzz from a safe distance. You’re “home” and nothing can wrong you now.

Open your eyes…
You’ve been standing still, immersed in a crowd of folks at a venue witnessing Modo Koagon bring you to the brink of insanity and back again. Your mind may never be the same, but you’re better for having experienced what it’s like to go off the deep end, just a little, then be pulled back to safe calming waters.

Kyle Coveny is a Guelph-based musician that will be performing at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Friday April 7th at the eBar with his band, Badminton Racquet. He is also the Hospitality Coordinator for Kazoo! Fest.

Catch Modo Koagon at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Saturday April 8th with Xylouris White @ Silence.


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