Why Mauno Rules by Alanna Gurr (2016)

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With the first notes of Mauno’s set, I already want to bounce and sway and my body isn’t sure which one so it ends in a body roll. A rock body roll. Combining all the best parts of its players, Nick Everett’s dreamy vocals and smart lyricism rolling overtop of Eliza Niemi’s clever bouncing bass riffs and harmonies landing perfectly on Adam White’s tasteful, heavy hitting percussion. Mauno has managed to perfectly capture all that we love about the east coast and its gritty, honest, laid back, good fucking popish rock bands. After seeing Mauno play more than a few times, whether at a packed show in their hometown of Halifax or to an enamored Toronto crowd, I can confidently say Mauno works to hook you into a feeling like you’ve always loved this band. Their songs hint at the generation of rock bands to come before them but hold your gaze and your ears by throwing in smart, new, playful riffs, moving between musical moments, bandmates throwing verses for choruses and back around like a beach ball. Mauno will be gracing the Guelph stage with newly added guitarist Scott Boudreau this Kazoo! fest and I SWEAR, they will be your new favourite band. You will never tire of them and you will hear new little hooks and tricks in songs every time you listen to them. and you will fall in love. And then we can all body roll together to Mauno.

Alanna Gurr is a Guelph-based musician who performs with Alanna Gurr and the Greatest State, Milk and Honey and Kazoo! Fest 2016 artist, Cupcake Ductape. She also helps coordinate Girls Rock Camp Guelph, the Royal City Music Series and tunes a mean piano.

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