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I first met MaryCarl in the bathroom at Kensington’s ‘The Boat’ less than a year ago. She hustled from Guelph, rushing to catch buses and so forth, and hurriedly arrived soon before she was set to perform for a show my friend was co-presenting alongside WIMA (Women in Music and Art). In the bathroom, she unloaded her Kulitang gongs and started assembling them quickly. I offered to help, she let me. While rummaging to prepare for the show in that bathroom, we chatted about many issues. Her charisma immediately captivated my attention and I was intrigued to hear her set. That night, after her performance, I wanted to collaborate with her.  I asked her if she would be interested to be featured on my upcoming album for Bile Sister, and she agreed, barely knowing me. Instant collaboration. 

Recently, MaryCarl sent me an mp3 entitled “Multiplicity of Truth” to have a listen. I don’t think it has been released yet but it is common to show each other tracks in progress now and then because completing a piece/song can take a long time and often we are isolated without much feedback. This track she sent incorporates a Moro kulintang gong set and gandingan a kayo with electronic soundscapes, a guitar and apparently, her ‘canine friend’. Her use of multi-tracked gongs in this song creates the syncopated percussive rhythms that typically more than two hands would require. The song penetrates new territory, experimenting with organic sounds and electronics while combining heartbeat rhythms and sounds of Kulitang music. I love this combination of organic sounds, recorded samples and percussive instruments, especially if they have tones to create scales and take on rhythmic, melodic and harmonic properties. The interaction of percussion that challenges compositional structure is also huge for me, and another reason why I love Luyos MC.

 The soundscapes in this track she sent remind me of another favourite, Buffalo MRI from Montreal. Do you know Dominique? You should. Luyos’ poetry is politically and emotionally charged and her words are direct and clearly deliver the content so deeply important. The spoken word creates a harmonious relationship with the sounds she creates. I love her passion and sincerity and the fact she is using her music as a medium to reach more people about real issues. Luyos MC rules, check her out.

Julie Reich is a multi-faceted musician, producer, experimental DJ, 3-D animator / music video maker, curator and community builder in Toronto, ON. Julie is also the creator, brain and operator of experimental pop project Bile Sister and involved in numerous projects including Dohn Valley, Chandra and New Positions.   

Luyos MC debuts ‘We Who Dare’ at Kazoo! Fest 2018 on Wednesday April 11th alongside a  performance by Ben Grossman at Kazoo! HQ (127 Woolwich St.)


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