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Hey y’all, Dan here from Guelph, Ontario. I don’t have any qualifications, job prospects, feelings or reason to really do much of anything. But I’ll tell you one thing: Luge is the best band in Canada. I can honestly hear what you are thinking, “Dan, who the fuck are you to make a claim like that?” You are 100% right in thinking that. But there are two things to think about here. 1) I might be right. And 2) even if I have no qualifications, why do you care? I’m just writing a puff piece about a band I like. Buzz off, brud.

Let’s take it back a few years. I started making brake pads with my friend Brice at his dad’s factory. Turns out that job is dirty and kind of a bummer. Also turns out, one of the most important friendships I’ve ever made came from this job. Tobias Hart was funny and he knew who schnAAk was. I was immediately intrigued. Turns out he had a band. Turns out that band is amazing.

Fast forward to when Luge was able to start gigging. In some way, Baby Labour was involved with booking and playing their first 3/4 gigs. After that, Place For Bands and Bablab has booked and worked with them A BUNCH. Turns out that my intense fandom for the band wasn’t a singularity. Lots of folk dig the band.

Fast forward to when Luge had to do a thing and find some new folk to play in the band. 2 things. First, I get the call to perform the music on bass when Cam/Ian can’t do a gig. HUGE FOR ME. My friend Thomas let me know one time that my involvement with Luge was confusing but validating. “Why does Dan feel so strongly about this band? Why does he talk about them from a point of such high praise? They must be doing something right.” Secondly, The band got massive tight without losing their creative voice. HUGE FOR THEM.

OK OK I’ve said nothing about the actual music. It’s “hard” music. You can bounce to it and you should. But if you felt weird you can sit back and feel fucced about the metric modulation going on or the timbres involved or the swirling intersecting melodies. I’m spending time talking about this music but you should just click the link below and listen for yourself. Actual Rock’n’Roll is top 5 of last year, no doubt. One thing I can say about the music that isn’t immediately apparent is that it embodies some real youthful spirit. Remember when you would dig for new music constantly? Or practice incessantly to be able to perform the impossible? Or have a yearning to share what you create? Maybe you still do these things, and good for you. But some people fall off that wagon. Luge can help you get back on the HORSE – or off it? u decide.

OK sorry for wasting your time. Have a good day. Please take a moment to listen to Luge. You won’t be disappointed. How often does a band send a person you know into an incoherent ramble? It must be good. Fucc. I love you.

Dan Loughrin is a local musician (Baby Labour, Bare Claws, Softside +++) and was a founding member of Place for Bands. We like him.

Luge plays Kazoo! Fest 2018 on Saturday April 14th with Bonnie Trash and Pucumber Sasssquash Family Band at the ANAF (32 Gordon St.).


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