Why Lido Pimienta Rules by Chris Worden (2015)

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Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta

There’s no such thing as a boring Lido Pimienta show. Every time she performs, it’s this beautiful, devastating, surprising thing. She oscillates between sweetness and ferocity, sometimes faster than the eye can see. She’s up there to profess her love of humanity, and her hatred of the systemic injustices that undermine it. She means every word and gesture, and she is very generous with both. It’s like she tosses every last atom of herself directly onto the stage, unafraid, as if to say “welp, here’s everything! Deal with it.” It’s scary to watch, but in absolutely the best way.

I’ve known Lido for about three years now, and I still don’t know where all of that energy comes from. She’s one of the busiest people in the Toronto scene. She never stops working. She’s always organizing shows. Her concert series, Bridges, creates amazing performances and dialogue opportunities. When she’s not working on music, she’s working on visual art. She’s stunningly dedicated to helping make the scene more equitable in terms of content and opportunity. Somehow, she’s doing this while single-parenting a child, and helping her friends out at every turn.

It seriously amazes me that she’s able to get up on stage after all of that, and not just nap in front of the monitors. Lido is always present, always in the moment, and always ready to call out destructive soci0-political bullshit with her music and her movement. She brings us the perspective of an indigenous Colombian woman living in Canada, and focuses that lens on the issues we need to be thinking about.

Chris Worden is Assistant Director at the excellent Electric Eclectics festival.

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