Why Jon Mckiel Rules by Klarka Weinwurm (2017)

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Jon Mckiel

It’s really interesting to get to watch one of your favourite musicians from ground level through some really formative musical years. I met this guy back in 2008 at an open mic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Just kinda up there with a baritone ukulele, playing his songs, head down. It’s funny to look back on that and then to think about today. This, now. Looking at where that metaphorical road took us all. It’s been almost a decade! Music is a bit of a time machine or a time capsule. Our surroundings, politics, relationships, family, weather etc. all make up that expression. You see this influenced progression in Mckiel’s music as you should with any good discography. What else is the point, right!?

Jon Mckiel rules because he takes his time and does it right. It’s not good ’til it’s good. He’s been doing this music thing for a while now and I feel like this genius is finally getting some much deserved recognition. Did you know about him? I’m aways thrown off when someone doesn’t. You just want to show them everything! You want to take them to a show and stand right up front. Mckiel’s been playing with a group of solid guys for the past few years now (Aaron Mangle, Shawn Dicey, Jay Crocker) and their live show will seriously blow your mind over and over. It’s powerful shit. Mckiel’s solo sets are in another realm and always in purest form. He’s got such an honest voice and eloquent playing style that really comes through when you hear it that way.

“I wanna feel all the frequencies.” I am listening to his new album right now. Here’s where I want to gush. Have I gushed already? I’ve had this record for about a week now. Memorial Ten Count. You will be so grateful when you hear it. You are gonna maybe cry and dance and thrash a bit. Its sentimental, it’s true and sacred. Jon Mckiel is a master of weaving sound and a brilliant poet who twists emotions through cryptic unconsciousness. He is wise and youthful, honest and humble, with tonnes of sharpness and spirit. Every damn song is a surprise of the best kind. Soon you might also have this record and you will understand. I am excited for you. Goodnight.

Klarka Weinwurm is a Sackville-based musician that is performing at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Wednesday April 5th at the eBar.

Catch Jon Mckiel at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Saturday April 8th with Emily Mikhaela & Ian Bain @ Red Brick Cafe.


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