Why Haolin Munk Rules by Motëm (2016)

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Haolin Munk

Haolin Munk

Haolin Munk is a sonic jazz force of incomparable magnitudes. Their artistic creations are not so much musical compositions as physical manifestations of electro kinetic vibrations communicating unique individual feelings of the human and celestial experience combined. Comprised of part humans, part demigods, they were not even born when Demi Moore was in Strip Tease and now are unique jazz god legends. Have u ever heard the beats Madlib made for Madvillainy? ie Stangeways/Figaro?, well you never fucking heard it when they do it cos it fucking slaps, jazz kings of an immortal ilk, drink in their all encompassing spiritual jazz funk concoctions like sacred warm milk.

Comprised of people that are all interesting and rightfully so because they remain interested in what is going on around them locally and globally, the Hoalin Munk’s are closely tied to the art scene in Hamilton in particular the DIY Art Space HAVN. If you have heard the lore that since 2012 Hamilton has blossomed in a creative Utopia filled with hippies dressed in black and beatnik’s playing flutes, HAVN is a major catalyst for this cocoon-like transformation, Hamilton now being a beautiful authentic butterfly spreading it’s wings of creative freedom soaring thru the vast open skies which serve as a blank canvas.

So if you are looking for an experience that combines the visceral pulse of funk and sex with the cerebral pleasure of a relaxed perusal through the library of jazz academia as well as a dollop of primal insanity on top; Haolin Munk gonna give it 2 u.

Motëm is Hamilton’s prince of weird. With a prolific output of mixtapes over the past decade Motëm has established a cult following through his Gebbz Steelo Boutique. Mysterious and elusive, Motëm’s videos are a window into his enigmatic musical world.”


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