Why Fountain Rules by Anni Spadafora (2017)

 In Why This Rules


I always want to get a sense of the people who make the music I listen to.

Who the hell are you? Where do you live? What do you care about? Who do you see everyday? What do you hate and where do you hide it? Do you sleep on your belly? What tilts your head to your left 45 degrees?

I know these things aren’t always important to music and its affect, but it’s what tilts my head to my left 45 degrees.

Fountain is a band that reveals (directly and indirectly all the same) who they are and what matters to them. They make razor-sharp pop music–nothing sweet about it (sturdied by Laura Jeffery on drums, it couldn’t be). Their songs find the perfect coordinates for dissonance, melody, and drive, sort of how The Fall often did. Strange songs, but not reserved for a chosen few in a precious corner.

They share vocals (no ego). Songs are titled ‘Landline’ and ‘Bouquet’ (forever forms).

Watching Fountain play live makes me want to bottle the feelings first felt playing music with friends, shelve, and drink later (if I ever forget what really matters). They play with focus, but not too seriously. Actually, they’re the perfect case for music that can still cut without being so dark.

Anni Spadafora is a mixed media artist, cultural organizer and musician from Toronto. She fronts one of Kazoo!’s favorite bands, New Fries.

Catch Fountain at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Thursday April 6th with Baby Labour and Casper Skulls @ The ANAF.


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