Why Fist City Rules by Thom Gill (2015)

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Fist City

Fist City

I don’t know a damn thing about rock ‘n’ roll but I’ll tell you this: it’s all bad except Fist City, mmkay? They alone know how to keep things raw, groovy and evil-tight. I saw them play in a park in their hometown, Lethbridge, a few years back, with a confused, almost pissed expression on my face while my brain thudded about in its cell. Y’know: bliss!

I like it when it’s super busy on the bus, a lil makeshift mosh pit, and I can put on “It’s 1983 Grow Up!” and squirm myself up against the strangers. All those lean, unhinged guitars threatening to boil over on to the drums, who’re just careeeeening through their own details with deep poise. But for me it’s all about Kier’s phrasing, which is so self-assured and funky and swoon-worthy! Ugh, sign me up. Then I fall out the bus on to the dirty street.

Please peep below the music video for “Let’s Rip”. Brittany Fist is in a badass girl gang who protect their bar turf by straight-up homiciding some lame-o dudes who show up lookin like they own the place. Kier directs. I’m squealing with delight!

Thom Gill is a member of Kazoo! Fest 2015 acts Love Thy Will Be Done and Bernice and also frequently performs under the moniker Thomas. You may have also seen him on stage with folks like John Southworth, Sam Amidon, Owen Pallett, Devon Sproule, Doug Tielli and LOOM.

fistcitycult.com // bandcamp // facebook

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