Why Eyeballs Rules by Brandon Lim (2017)

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What the hell was Kazoo! thinking asking me to write a blurb about Eyeballs? I have only seen them once and I may never see them again — but if you asked me how good that one time was on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being Not Satisfying at All and 10 being Extremely Satisfying) I definitely left that show Extremely Satisfied. I can’t say I love Eyeballs yet as that’s the kind of bond between band and fan that takes time to grow but after hearing their 2016 LP Bad Art, I have a feeling they will continue to grow on me like a weird rash (Full disclosure: I have eczema).

Eyeballs make pro-nonsense dance punk music with a healthy dose of freaky deaky. There’s a naughty krautiness to the (song) vibes highlighted with occasional bouts of noise punk fussiness. Gnarly distorted bass lines and heavy organ, glitchy blippity bloop sounding synthesizers, pummeling percussion, there’s nothing this band has that you don’t want. We’re talking Triple AAA battery charged TURBO PUNK.

They are a duology made up of 1 part Jenn Kitigawa, 1 part Britt Prioulx, who are equal parts bad ass. They both share active duty on many traditional cool band instruments like guitar, bass, drums, synth, and vocals. The math on that makes no sense but somehow they pull it off. Word on the street has it that they may have added a third member into the mix though so if you haven’t seen this mysterious new line up, I would get on that.

Go see Eyeballs play at Kazoo! or anytime in the future but specifically at Kazoo! fest because it’ll be their best show ever. Every show after could get diminishingly worse you never know, see them while they’re in their prime!

Brandon Lim is 34 years old and publishes a macrobiotic vegan food zine called the Healthy Ninja, hosts a monthly VHS movie night called Tapewurm Tuesdaze, and runs a Thai restaurant with his family called Mengrai Thai where he met Jackie Chan once. He also plays bass guitar in sludge-punk band HSY, “noh-wave” collective YAMANTAKA // Sonic Titan, and “other” band SIGIL.

Eyeballs play Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Friday April 7th with Century Egg, Badminton Racquet and LAPS @ eBar.


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