Why Deerhoof Rules by Aaron Mangle (2015)

 In Why This Rules


When faced with a problem, I look for guidance. Sometimes before looking for guidance I become frustrated, confused, and angry. I pace around and wonder to myself “What’s to be done about this?” Perhaps I’m putting off replying to an email I wish I hadn’t received, preparing my taxes, addressing a difficult situation with a friend, or trying to force a song to move in a new direction and I’ve hit a wall. I think to myself “There is no solution to this problem and I am doomed to replay this scenario for the rest of my days and whatever may follow.” Sometimes I am overwhelmed by all the violence, oppression, and injustice all around us and all over the world.

Deerhoof rules because instead of fighting, flighting, denying or disguising, they draw a new and oddly shaped door, open it and step through. They create an alternative reality. Theirs is a world of possibility and wonder. Theirs is a dimension where a problem is an opportunity. Deerhoof doesn’t break the rules because Deerhoof doesn’t need to. Deerhoof hits a wall and a door appears. Deerhoof hits a wall and guitar appears, a drum appears, a voice appears, a panda, a flower, a duck, a queen, a siren, a solution! Theirs is a band without pretension, regret, control, or a manager. Theirs is a band who’s mission is to create, follow the music, challenge the body, challenge the mind, distort, confuse, dance, go upside-down, turn inside-out.

How do I make a room like this in my house? An extra room; orange, yellow, black, rainbow. No floor, no ceiling, no walls, no problem. A solution room. A new dimension! I need help with my room so I’m throwing a party. I’ve invited Deerhoof. I’m pacing around my apartment, running from room to room looking for them. I’m light-headed and frustrated again. “What have I done? I’m lost, everything is broken and there’s no use! Wait! What’s this?!” I find myself in a new room, it’s dark in here. I hear a noise, a bump, a creak. I hear an electric squeal, a loud hum, a crack, a crash!

Deerhoof tells me that music is joy & love and should be shared. Deerhoof tells me that another reality is possible. Thank you Deerhoof for the love and support.

Aaron Mangle is a Halifax-based musician who fronts Cousins. He is playing Kazoo! Fest 2015 with Jon McKiel and JOYFULTALK.

Advance tickets for Deerhoof, Darlene Shrugg and Baby Labour (Friday, April 10th) can be purchased HERE.

deerhoof.net // bandcamp // facebook

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