Why Budi Rules by Nathan Doucet (2017)

 In Why This Rules


You don’t even know what is about to happen to you. You are 100% not ready for it. Nick Dourado will change your life. Nick Dourado will speak directly to you. There are a plethora of truths spewing forth and just waiting to spew forth from this force of nature.

Nick Dourado can LEAD you on a quest where you soar way up there and touch down on some revelations that will help you to live better, to care better and to speak better.

This is with regards to everything.

The existential plain you get the fucking privilege to be on when he is near is one you GOTTA pay close attention to cause it’s there to be swept up and used. The SPEW. This is musical at all times. One part rhythmic, one part for the air (to both blow into the night and speak with girth). He is either twisting you with sax, drums, keys, vocals, or his word.

Intentions to gather you, to help you sing, Budi bursts forth in this Dilla-esque brand of jazz melody and beats that beg more of a head swing than a nod. He recorded and developed everything that you can hear here by himself toiling at home and at The Khyber Centre for the arts and it’s so goddammm good.

I’m listening to Nick sing and play Wurlitzer…. RIGHT NOW! He’s directly below me vibrating the floors in this house that the gods have aligned for a multitude of wonderful people to live in, here in Halifax. Nick is one of them. I (thanks be to those gods) am one of them.

Bouncing with him, you’ll fall onto wisdom ready to force you to move, to smash what is standing in front us in the DEVILS that are white supremacy, colonialism, and capitalism. He’s changed my life forever, without a doubt. He’s willingly helped to guide me and stand beside me in questioning everything we know about this life. Nick fights. Nick believes. Nick is a jazz musician. I’m a better musician because of it. He’ll be with me in these ways til I go on.

Don’t miss his performance as Budi.

Nathan Doucet is a Halifax-based musicians who plays in Heaven For Real, Eddy, Fake Buildings, Moon and (sometimes) with Budi.

Catch Budi at Kazoo! Fest 2017 on Friday April 7th with Cedric Noel @ Planet Bean (Downtown).


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