Why Alanna Gurr Rules by Amanda Grant (2015)

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Alanna Gurr

Alanna Gurr

I have seen Alanna Gurr perform over 100 times. I’ve seen her perform in the sunlight, the moonlight and in a snow storm, and I can safely say each gently sung melody, each reverb drenched chord, is more perfect than the last.

Someone seeing this Guelph native for the first time at Kazoo! Fest may mistake her for a soft-spoken songstress, but she is a force to be a reckoned with. Alanna Gurr is driven and she is fearless. She has toured the country coast to coast, performing on stages big and small, establishing a loyal following of admirers and friends with each stop. She is consistently pushing herself to create with different people, using different textures, settings and instruments to tell stories old and new.

Listening to Gurr is to realize the remarkable strength she possesses. Her words are honest, asking more of herself and of others, while finding humour in the heart-wrenching.

She writes love songs, sing-a-longs and pop songs, and I love every one.

That’s why Alanna Gurr rules.

Amanda Grant is an associate producer at CBC and bassist in Run Coyote.

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