Kazoo! Fest Podcast 2018 Ep #2: Bird City

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With zero tenacity, minimal intensity, and nothing that resembles perspicacity, Glacio de Fluvial of CFRU 93.3 FM interviews Jenny Mitchell of Bird City. They talk Kazoo memories, “Snack Chat”, “Memories Of Chips”, “Watchu Prefer”, “Sad Sad Stories”, and “Chat Quack!” Yet fear not, there are also horrible accents, bad impressions, and then finally, the story behind the twelve year journey from Barmitzvah Brother, to Jenny Omnichord to the release of Bird City’s debut album “Winnowing” which was released last fall on Label Fantastic/Coax Records!

Bird City – Bird City
Bird City – Salvage Diver
Bird City – Hours
Jom Comyn – Stay Inside
Tough Age – Ghost
Whoop-Szo – All My Friends

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