Kazoo! Fest 2017 – Podcast #3

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Ghost Snakes. Are they real? Are they any more dangerous than ghost dinosaurs, or ghost rhinos? Do they lurk amongst us under ghost rocks, or around the neck of ghost Alice Coopers? Ghost Snake’s Andrew Collins and Glacio de Fluvial do not possess the answers to these centuries old questions. In fact, if you’re yearning to learn more about Ghost Snakes, why would you choose to listen to a music podcast?! I mean, they probably aren’t even real anyways!! If however, you would like to listen to two wedding bandmates discuss nonsense with a touch of music, well, we’ve got you covered. Amongst the glorious sounds of other Kazoo! Fest performers, listen carefully, for you just may hear the Whispers Of The Ghost Snake.

Ghost Snake – Knock Knock Who Is There
Ghost Snake – Frankenstein And Merman
Xylouris White – Forging
Baby Labour – Sneak Bayou
Gregory Pepper & His Problems – My Roommate Is A Snake And The Landlord Is A Bat
Fountain – Egg Island
DJ Smoke Weed Guy – IDV
LAPS – Low Room
Jon McKiel – Brothers
Klarka Weinwurm – Tears For Gears
Richard Laviolette – You’ve Really Got Me On The Run
John Southworth – The Horse That Swam Across The Sea
U.S. Girls – Woman’s Work

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