Kazoo! #248: Off World / Bolete (DGBA Matinée) – Jan 29th @ Red Brick Cafe

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kazoo! #248
OFF WORLD (Sandro Perri & Lorenz Peter)
Constellation Records’ Sandro Perri is a musician that truly warrants that annoying categorization of “undefinable.” His new collaborative project ‘Off World’ showcases his unparalleled ability to coalesce acoustic and electronic instrumentation, always exploring new aural territory. Chiefly a studio-based endeavour, Off World traces its origins as far back as 2008, with Perri and fellow Torontonian Lorenz Peter working together on tracks and very occasionally performing live under the moniker. Rich in deconstructed melody, and interplay between acoustic and electronic instrumentation, this is Off World.

Bolete is a trio started in fall 2016 with a sonic collision between Isaiah Farahbakhsh, Ian Bain and Rob Kirsch-Spring. Rooted in jazz, Bolete explores a diverse musical terrain, melding avant-garde, classical, rock and world sounds into an ever-shifting mosaic full of surprise. Isaiah, Ian and Rob augment their sound on the fly with telepathic communication and a very childish playfulness.

Kazoo! & Downtown Guelph Business Association Present: Kazoo! #248
Sunday January 29th, 2017 @ Red Brick (8 Douglas St)

All Ages / Licensed – Show at 3:00pm – Pay-What-You-Can
Poster by Emma Green

Red Brick is a physically accessible venue.

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