Kazoo #193: THE BURNING HELL / BLIMP ROCK / MAN MEETS BEAR – Oct. 22nd @ Silence

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The Burning Hell is the alter-ego of ukulele player and all-purpose nerd Mathias Kom. While the band can occasionally bloom into a multi-instrumental monster with many heads and arms, more often than not these days The Burning Hell is a small band with big hearts. The essence of The Burning Hell is music to dance to while laughing about death, music you can sing along to while smiling out of the side of your mouth, knowing that while the end may be near, the bar is still open.

Blimp Rock is a musical marketing scheme created to generate hype and finance for Blimp Rock Live. Blimp Rock Live is a music festival that will take place on a blimp over Lake Ontario. The festival will feature the finest cover bands, fancy mix drinks and a wood paneling decor. Currently the band has raised $-1350 of its funding goal of $700000 to purchase the blimp for the festival.

Somewhere between Panda Bear and Phil Elvrum you might find the indescribable Man Meets Bear. Dig and you may find gold – or you can trust us. Man Meets Bear is a treasure.

Wednesday, October 22nd
@ Silence (46 Essex)
All Ages /// $10 /// 8pm
Silence is a fully accessible venue.

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