Kazoo #190: MONOMYTH / THE FURYS / NAP EYES – Sept 12th @ Silence

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Kazoo! #190MONOMYTH
Monomyth are a rock and roll band who play rock and roll music very well. Back for another gallivant through Guelph, they have a new record and it’s called ‘Saturnalia Regalia!’ and, yeah, it’s pretty good.

With disjointed tunes move as slow as molasses, the Furys are Guelph’s coolest band in every way; their songs, their look, their attitude, their name—they just have it. You can dance with them, just don’t mess with them.

Turned to the golden dial, Nap Eyes are the golden boys of that golden summer. Breeze in your hair, melodies flowing – Golden. Polaris, Schmolaris – ‘Whine Of The Mystic’ is the record of the year.

Kazoo! $190: Friday September 12th
@ Silence (46 Essex Street)
All Ages /// $10 /// 8pm

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