Kazoo! #165: DIGITS / ARK ANALOG / FERENC STENTON – Sept. 12th @ Silence

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Digits is Alt Altman, a minimalist electronic pop artist based in Toronto and Berlin. In April 2012, Digits released a mixtape called Death and Desire featuring a remix by Nite Jewel, and quickly went from an unknown to a critical darling in the UK, which The Guardian which called the mixtape “a near classic of mournful electronica, a synth-pop album to stand alongside the Human League’s Dare.” Digits distributes his albums digitally free of charge to anybody who can prove they’ve bought something recently from another musician, a distribution method Wired called “bold and brave.” He uses two synthesizers, a laptop, and a looping pedal to reproduce his songs live. Alt also plays super-slow electronic R&B in Bad Passion and blogs at Silent Shout.

Toronto-based Ark Analog is an electro-pop duo made up of soul songstress Maylee Todd and Dan Werb, one half of acclaimed synth-punk duo Woodhands. After years of occasional collaboration, most notably on Woodhands’ singles Dancer and Dissembler, Ark Analog brings these two together, marrying fragile vocals with intense, brooding electro beats. Ark Analog is currently working in studio with Jeremy Greenspan (Junior Boys) on their debut Dirty Power EP, for release in winter 2013.

Toronto (via Guelph) based Techno producer Ferenc Stenton offers his own take on Minimal production with a focus on live takes with analog synthesizers. Influenced by producers Martyn, Cosmin TRG, and Jimmy Edgar, Stenton’s work is complex and dark, with a focus on dissociative links between rhythmic and tonal elements. Ferenc is also is a Media Artist who creates immersive light installations using projectors & audio reactive computer animation mapped to sculptural elements. At Kazoo! Fest 2013, he designed ‘Toy Factory’ a reactive visual environment at the Green Party office.

Poster by Monika Hauck

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