Kazoo! #141: May 25th: CESCHI / THESIS SAHIB / FLIGHT DISTANCE @ eBar

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Kazoo! #141

CESCHI: (w/ Gregory Pepper & Mad Adam as his backing band)

Ceschi (pronounced chess-key) Ramos makes his own version of progressive hip hop spliced with elements of folk & indie rock. Although he has almost “mathy” technical rap abilities he’s first and foremost a singer-songwriter at heart. Although one Ceschi song may consist of punk influenced machine gun fast raps, the next may be a quiet folk ballad played on acoustic guitar. From quiet and playful indie folk ditties to literally pushing the audience, spitting fast-chopping raps; Ceschi embodies the spirit of a true showman – proving to us that one man can do it.


Thesis Sahib has been contributing to the underground hip hop movement for the past fifteen years, both as an innovative rapper and a well known graffiti artist. His articulate, rapid-fire delivery, harmonic vocals and imaginative lyrics have graced an impressive catalogue of sought after releases on CD and vinyl. His art and music incorporate sculpture, kinetic, and auditory elements. Often combining both 2D aesthetic with circuit-bent electronic toys, compositions written on modified Gameboys, a face mask costume fitted with a heavily effected microphone and circuit-bent sounds have become part of his music and on-stage performances.


Flight Distance are an Ottawa-based indie Hip-Hop group consisting of rap duo Bender & Patience, backed by DJ Calkuta. Whether it’s their ultra high-octane, riot of a live show or their cold and calculated recorded material, FD continue to stand out above any act on the scene. The sample-driven beats of Bender and Calkuta have led to production credits for numerous MC’s including Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox. Flight has played countless shows across eastern Canada, leaving a trail of broken hearts and tequila bottles in their wake. Duck and cover.

Kazoo! #141: Friday May 25th
@ eBar (41 Quebec St)
***EARLY SHOW*** Doors @ 8:30pm, over by 11pm
19+ | $5 cover

Poster by Gregory Pepper

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